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HomeAgain VR is a nonprofit whose mission is to bring virtual reality (VR) to seniors and to people with limited mobility. We envision it as a tool for the enrichment and empowerment of people in memory care, assisted living, hospice, hospitals, and more. As the influence of VR grows, we are determined not to let older generations miss out on its benefits.

VR is often hard to describe to someone who hasn't yet experienced it for themselves. That's why we offer a free demonstration for each community we work with so that residents can try it out with the help of our employees and volunteers. It's exciting to witness that moment when participants try on the headset and they realize they actually feel like they are somewhere else. The room is gone and they are now on a beach, in a garden, or sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Feel free to read about our different services on this page and view our photo gallery to learn more about how HomeAgain VR is establishing this new technology as a valuable asset for our aging communities!


“My mother Sally attended a virtual reality session with HomeAgain VR, and she absolutely loved it. She was able to see her favorite place in the world - Copacabana Beach, Brazil - and recognized landmarks she used to see every day when she lived there as a young newlywed in 1946. At one point she looked down and asked ‘Are those my footprints in the sand?’ It was a wonderful experience!”

-Daughter of Memory Care Resident 

"If you're depressed or down, you just put on those goggles and look around, and it just relaxes you and makes you feel like you're in a happy place."


-Hospice Patient

“I never thought I would ever try something like this. I put on a pair of goggles and suddenly I’m back in my old living room! It’s amazing and I still can’t get over it. HomeAgain VR even sat down with me and showed me how to use all the buttons, and lo and behold I’m learning how to move around in the goggles!”

-Pat Yingling, Independent 85-year-old

“HomeAgain VR was a new experience for my older sister who was recently diagnosed with dementia. The virtual tour they created gave her a welcome change from her days in a care facility. Some of her favorite beach music from the 60s accompanied the visual tour of our family beach condo. In her wheelchair, she smiled and swayed to the beat. She was in no hurry to remove the headset. This concept is exciting, for it offers a 3D change from the limited reality of dementia and may stimulate memories from happier days.”


"It took me into a real place that wasn't real. I experienced waterfalls, icebreakers, coral reefs of a virtual kind that gave me the experience of things and places that I wouldn’t have gone or couldn’t have gone and I enjoyed it immensely. Fabulous experience."

-Tim, Assisted Living Resident describing a HomeAgain VR demo