Sharing Stories

Traveling the World

"I love volunteering with HomeAgain VR! It's fun to give tours of places around the world to people all over the US."

-Mary, HomeAgain VR Tour Guide

"Alex and I went to the Eiffel tower! It's wonderful that you can see it together."

-Lyta, HomeAgain VR Traveler

Building Friendships

"I think what I love most about volunteering are the relationships I'm able to form."

-Bev, HomeAgain VR Tour Guide


The Community


Currently, we call non-volunteer members "travelers" and volunteer members "guides". Each supports our growing community in their own way. We are united by the belief that all people need access to human connection. 


Who We Are

HomeAgain VR is not a typical organization. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) building a community to provide everyone with fun socialization and an opportunity to give back via human connections.  A growing body of evidence shows human connection and purpose are necessary for good health throughout life. Together we can help get everyone adequately and positively connected!

Our History

HomeAgain VR was founded in 2018 with the mission of bringing immersive tech to older adults as a form of enrichment. Since then, we have visited dozens of senior living communities within the Puget Sound region to offer VR activities to their residents. The result has been hundreds of smiles, laughs, and even tears of joy when someone is immersed in a location that has meaning to them.

Accessibility is at the heart of everything we create. Although our online platform is for people of all ages, we put great effort into designing user-friendly adventures for people with little to no experience using technology.