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VR Tours for Senior Living Communities

For seniors and their families, downsizing and choosing the next place to live can be a daunting task, and touring every potential home or community in the area is not always an option. HomeAgain VR is now offering a virtual reality/360° photography service that will allow prospective residents to put on a virtual reality (VR) headset and explore different living opportunities as though they were actually there.


Unlike most tours designed for advertising, we offer stereoscopic 360° photography and video. This means that the spaces will appear 3D rather than flat when viewed in VR, adding a higher level of realism. Our tours can also include music, narration, and video clips featuring community leaders.

Bringing the community to you

Private Home VR Tours for Transitioning Seniors

Preserve your home and all its memories

Leaving a beloved home is never easy, but what if you knew that you could visit your home years after moving out? Our VR photography is available for seniors who want to preserve the places they love most and bring with them an immersive reminder of happy memories. For the nostalgic, this can be a lovely gift.

HomeAgain VR tour of a private home - click and drag on image to pan. Select "scenes" to view different parts of the home.

Our photographers love to be out in nature. We have a great time sharing our 360° photos and videos with the seniors we visit. Our stereoscopic 360° camera allows us to showcase beautiful landscapes with stunning realism.

Beaches, forests, fields, mountains, and more

Our photographers at Alki Beach in Seattle, WA