Volunteering with HomeAgain VR

Featured Volunteer: Heather Coles

 Heather (pictured above) has volunteered with HomeAgain VR for over a year, assisting with both our Stay Connected remote service and our in-person activities at senior communities.


She is an Interaction Designer who handles UX/UI's for emerging technology & interior architecture, as well as a freelance creator of immersive tech experiences.

Our volunteers add greater value to our mission than any technology can. While VR adventures alone can be exciting, having someone with whom to experience them adds a layer of engagement that only human interaction can provide.

With only a computer or smartphone and 30 minutes of free time, a volunteer can become someone's companion and tour guide.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

No, we don't expect you to have any expertise as a historian or docent, nor do we expect you to have any prior knowledge of VR! Volunteers get a script to read for each tour they give, and most of our volunteers use laptops or smartphones to connect, while the participant on the other end wears a VR headset.

While the tour scripts are exciting and informative, the volunteer's most important role is to listen and ask questions. For example, seeing Iceland in VR may spark a memory for the participant, or perhaps remind them of a favorite show or movie. A volunteer will encourage them to keep talking and ask about these experiences.

Volunteers have the option  to connect with new people they've never met, or with friends and family. We encourage you to try both!

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

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